How to Make a Succulent Composition

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Gather your ingredientsan assortment of succulents in various sizes, colors and textures, medium sized pot (low, shallow bowls tend to look best), cactus/succulent soil, trowel and decorative rocks.

Start by filling the pot with a base layer of soil.

Approximate how much soil you will need for the base layer by examining your chosen plants and how much soil is needed to lift their surface up to the surface of the pot.

Remove your first succulent from its pot, helping it to release by squeezing the plastic pot and then tipping it upside down to gently pour it out, and transfer it to the new pot.

Transplanting a more established plant can take some maneuvering. With a more tightly bound root structure, break up the peripheral roots a bit so they have a head start into their new environment.

Finish adding your main components by adding in the rest of your focal plants.

The base of your plants should be about ½” from the top of the pot so that there’s enough headspace for water.

Continue to fill in the rest of space by tucking in some of the smaller succulents. Use the trowel to fill in the spaces with soil.

Some succulents can be easily separated. It can be helpful to divide certain plants for smaller areas of your composition or to save money on purchasing fillers.

If you want to tightly squeeze plants into your composition where space is becoming limited, you can eliminate much of the excess soil as long as the main root ball stays intact.

Fill in all remaining gaps with soil. You might find having a smaller trowel on hand will help with precision and a cleaner planting.

Pack the soil down completely so that the surface maintains a level appearance when a moderate amount of pressure is applied everywhere.

Rocks make a nice aesthetic addition. Make a color/texture choice that best shows off your plants.

Gently add rocks to the exposed soil parts. Since the addition of rocks inhibits the evaporation of water from the surface, you should take care to water your arrangement less frequently.

Place in your sunniest location, allow to dry between waterings, and enjoy.

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