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I love and use all of these apps and recommend them to anyone who loves to take photos! As of March 20th all but camera+ are free.

Using the HDR FX photo editing app you can adjust the brightness and contrast. It is important to use just enough to make your photo look great but not to make you picture look over-edited or cheesy.

There are tons of effects everywhere but try to stick to the more neutral ones and stay away from the bizarre effects. This is an example of good effect use. I am now using the app Pix.

This is an example of what not to do. It is great to use effects but like I said don't overdose!

Using the 'A+ Signature' app you can add words and adjust the font and color. Most of the time it is best to use black or white but don't be afraid to use color and experiment with fonts!

It is nice to add a quote or inspiring words that relates to the picture. I like to position my words in a corner but you can play around and experiment with it till it looks pretty.

You can also add a border and a background.

Perfect! Now you know the ins and outs of photography and photo editing! I hope you have an amazing time experimenting with the wonder of photos!

Additional Tips- use as much natural lighting as possible. Try to play around and experiment with it. Angles are key in photos, get a good angle on your object to make it more interesting. :)

If you go to your camera settings you can set "HDR" and what it does is take multiple pictures at a time and enhances them. It can greatly improve you photos. But can be a bit annoying sometimes.

Here are some photos that I took and are an example of good editing. (all of the following photos have been taken with my iPhone 4S)

The Italian alps (view from out of the airplane window)

The colosseum

Flower! 🌺



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