How to Add Special Characters and Symbol

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First..i Suggest you to download this app "SpecialChars" I search so many app to make a special character But this is the best App

Display in SpecialChar app-you can copy paste hundreds Classic symbol from this app to copy and paste Symbol You also can copy paste symbol with that URL

Go to Settings-General

Tab keyboard

Scroll to the bottom•Please tab the pitcure above-you'll see a create a short cut-tab it

And copy a symbol and paste it to the prase box-and write a word (ex:apple) on the short cut box ..then tab save

Now you can make a symbol when you write(Apple)-to make it a symbol press "space" on your keyboard" and when you dont want to make a symbol by write"Apple" just tab the symbol above the word "Apple"

When you tab "scape" on your keyboard it will automaticaly turn to Apple logo ""

And you can add another symbol like me

And you also can write this cool symbol on your folder's name


Watch the video: How to Insert Special Characters in Microsoft Word


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