How to cook simple stir fry

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Following the directions on the "minute rice" box, prepare 2 cups of water and 2 cups of rice. DON'T do anything with them yet though!

This is the longest part... prepping veggies. A food processor works best, but if you don't have one just start slicing carrots.

You'll only need a half head of lettuce. Clean it, slice it down the middle, and start slicing.

Same with your cabbage. Be sure to cut the stem out.

ONCE YOU'VE GOT YOUR VEGGIES PREPPED... Dice up your meat. You can use whatever and however much you'd like. Brown in a skillet with a tad of veggie oil if needed.

I like to add a little pepper, chopped bay leaves, garlic powder AND Sriracha (mhmmm)!

Starting to brown.

Once your meat is about half way done cooking through (see previous pic), start boiling your water for the rice.

Open dat can.

After following directions on "minute rice" box and the rice is stemmed, throw it in a BIG pot. DON'T TURN THAT POT ON YET.

Water chestnuts go in.

Insert cabbage (not lettuce). The cabbage needs to cook down or it'll be really crunchy. If you like crunchy then leave it out longer.

Carrots, too.

About this much minced garlic (x2)

Cooked Chicken next. I like to keep the liquid in with it as it's imperative to have SOME liquid in bottom of pot.

Start pouring your soy sauce. Non-salted might be good if you're into that.

Pour to taste, but make sure there's liquid in bottom of pan so the rice and other ingredients don't burn. If you need to, add a tad of water. DO THE WITH Teriyaki sauce, but not as much as soy.

After it starts cooking down, throw in some walnuts for sweetness and crunch.

Let cook down some more, then add lettuce.

Note that it's cooked down. Be sure to keep stirring. Use a lid for best results, as the stem keeps in moisture and mashes dem flavors together like... well, whatever is something one mashes together.

Serve it up. This will make approximately 6-8 fairly large servings. Sriracha goes well on finish product for extra spice. Don't forget a good IPA to wash'er down with! Let me know what you add! Enjoy

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