How to make an easy&healthy salmon gratin

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Ingredients: low fat grated mozzarella, fry light, garlic pureé, butternut squash, mixed herbs, sesame seeds, cajun spice, salmon fillet, garlic sea salt

Tools: chopping knife, tablespoon, measuring cups, baking tray

Put oven on 200 degrees celcius. Chop the butternut squash and cut the salmon into bites

Put all ingredients in a tray. Add mozzarella and then sesame seeds on top (mix garlic pureé with 1 tablespoon fry light to the baking tray first)

Heat on 200 degrees celcius for 15-20 mins or until mozzarella is golden

(Or when it looks something like this).

Serve on a plate with low fat greek yogurt and salad. Enjoy😋

Watch the video: Salmon u0026 mixed peppers au gratin

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