How to make a picture collage

We're going to start with an app called "Collage"

You can edit photos in the app

Move them around

Rotate them

And resize them

You can add as many as you want

If you want one picture on top, just tap it

Double tap to erase a picture

You can tap "Export" to open your save options

Also the paint pallet on the top changes background color

Moving on to InstaCollageFree. There are so many different pattern options

Select whatever one you like

You can select all of your photos at once

Rearrange them how you like

And switch photos as you want by tapping and dragging them

You can add text

You can edit text

Add stickers

And edit photos separately

Last is Pic Collage

It saves all your old collages

You tap the screen to add a photo

You can select multiple at once

You can move and readjust them

Double tap to pull up the menu for the picture

You can change the layout and the background

There are many to choose from

The save button has features that allow you to share to other sites

I hope this helped(:

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