How to make wild zebra nails

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This is an awesome nail design! Found it on YouTube a long time ago and it's just so different and unique! If you love the zebra'll be in love with this nail art!!!

Of course you want to start with clean nails, and apply your base coat!!! Base coats are great as far as protecting the nails, which is why I use a strengthener base coat!

Once your base has completely dried, take your first color (mine is red) and apply it to the entire nail

Like so...and allow them to dry completely

Take your second color (mine being white) and you are going to make a side swipe (like those who watched my abstract video) at the base of the nail

Like this! :) allow to dry. If you use red like I careful using the likes to try and turn pink -.- I usually make 2 coats of white :)

Take you black nail art (or nail art brush with black polish) ad make zebra stripes...if you are unsure how to do this, I can make a video tutorial, or you can find a simple one on YouTube! :)

TA da!!!! :)

Your nails will look like this!!! How gorgeous!!!!!

Take a glitter and thin nail art brush :)

And make a line separating the two halves!

Let them dry and add your clear top coat! If you're like me, you can add a small rhinestone in the bottom corner of your nail! :) happy nail art friends!!!!

Watch the video: Quick and Easy Zebra Print Nail Art by Tina Jane from Pure Nails


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