How to spiral curls using a curling wand

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Preparing the wand: First you need to set your curling wand to the right temperature. Be sure to check the directions that come with your wand so you know what setting you will need.

Preparing the hair: Brush out the hair so that there are not knots or tangles.

Sectioning the hair: To section Nikki's hair, I started by creating a part right above the ears to create the first section. Take all the hair above the part and tie it up in a bun.

Protecting the Hair: Spray the first section of hair with a light amount of heat protectant spray. The hair should be fully coated, without being completely damp.

Spray the first section with a light amount of hairspray.

Second Section: Take out the bun on top of the head and carefully split it in half. Tie the top half of the hair up into another bun on top of the head.

Spray with heat protectant.

Third Section: Release the hair in the bun and part the last section of hair however you'd like. Then spray it with heat protectant.

Repeat all steps shown for sections one and two.

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