How to make 2 easy no-sew necklace scarves from 1 shirt!

Grab an old shirt and scissors. This one got a stain that wouldn't come out on the sleeve.

Cut across just under the arms.

Now cut up into strips. The length is up to you. How long do you want your fringe?

Cut all the way across. ✂️

Pull them all!

Now hand inside...

Like so.

Now place over head, fixing the fringe. Enjoy! If your shirt is long sleeve...

Now after making the scarf, I thought surely I can make something out of these sleeves...😏

What to do..what to do...

Ok cut into strips.

Stretch them out..

Now knot them together.

Until you have a chain of loops.

Loop the chain in half and hang around neck.

One side is separate.

Pull the separated side through the looped side.

Cute look like the 1920's flapper.

Another way is find about mid way loop.

Open one side.


For the knotted chain necklace look.

Or fix the looped end all the way up to the neck.

Insert into loop.

For a choker chain look.

Like so.

Or you can stretch it out.

Loop together.

Like so.

Stretch out.

Put around neck.

Get in loops on one side.

Insert other side.

For a classic look.

For a bracelet look! Enjoy!

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