How to make besan ka paratha

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Finely chop onions. As we need to stuff them in parathas so finer the better it will be.

Heat oil in a wok

Add cumin seeds

Add carom seeds

Add the chopped onions

Add chilli powder. Chillis powder can be adjusted as per your taste. I like it hot as added but more

Mix it well and now add salt

Add the chickpea flour (besan) and roast. Mix well this will take time so lower the heat when doing so . And low heat roast well

The mixture will turn into orange colour roast till you can smell nice aroma. Remove from heat and let it cook

Make a dough from whole wheat flour with water and salt in it. If possible stand the dough for 2 hours. Now make a ball of 2 inch diameter and flatten it out and use dry flour was needed .

Then take the filling in the dough. As shown

Carefully stuff the stuffing the dough and make as shown . Dust more flour so it doesnt stick

Then Flatten it out with fingers

Then roll it out using a rolling pin

Put it on a medium hot flat pan

Add a teaspoon of oil on the paratha and then flip . Roast it slowly

And then remove from pan when its nicely roasted.

Serve it with plain home made curd. Or you can add coriander, mint, salt, cumin powder and mix and serve

Watch the video: कचड क सवद वल बसन सटफ खसत और करकर परठ. Besan Stuffed Paratha Recipe In Hindi

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