How to make a round mound arrangement.

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In the standard arrangement be sure to start by using a green oasis foam container.

Next be sure to use the palm of your hand to press the block of oasis foam to the bottom of the dish.

Now be sure to bevel the edges with your floral knife in order for the arrangement to be completely rounded.

Next take green anchor tape to secure the oasis foam using the first 2 pieces of leather leaf in the middle of the arrangement back to back and start on your edges of the block with the leaves

Take another few pieces of leather leaf and face them towards the outward portion of your arrangement as they surround the outer perimeter of the arrangement.

As your round mound begins to be more bulk and looking rounder be sure to use enough leather leaf to fill blank space.

Begin once you have completed putting leather leaf in the arrangement by using small or mini sized carnations as a filler portion to the arrangement.

As you begin to complete your round mound arrangement you will we that the more variation of color between two color types you have the more it begins to look round and most likely extravagant.

Last place a name tag in the arrangement so this way your arrangement is recognized by other members of the school.

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