How to fix thermostat on u-line wine fridge

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UNPLUG THE FRIDGE BEFORE STARTING! Remove the front bottom black grill from the fridge. There is one screw holding it in place. Remove the thermostat nob by pulling it out.

Remove screws on each side of the thermostat.

Pro Tip: Use a cup to keep all the hardware

This is the thermostat. Pull the two cables out (you did remember to unplug the fridge did you?) Order a new part

Remove the back meal cover to gain access to rear of fridge.

Remove the racks. You will need to pull each white plug gently.

First pull the head of the plug out a bit. Then gently push the other white part back into the fridge. The rivet should come out without effort. If it's stuck you're doing it wrong.

Here's a close up of the plastic rivet holding the rack. Both parts should come out.

Unscrew the 4 screws on the back plate.

Remove the thermostat coil holder at the bottom of the plate.

At the back of the fridge, locate where the thermostat cable comes in. There should be some sort of putty like around. Remove it and keep it so you can put it back later. Pull the thermostat out.

Here is the opening from the back of the fridge into the fridge.

Here's a brand new thermostat. Shiny.

Rewire the new thermostat following the same path as the old one. The hole will thread right behind this white plate. Gently lift it to reach underneath and pull the new coil in. Screw it back in.

Put bottles back in. Enjoy.

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