How to build a table from pallet wood

Cut my plywood in half

Then cut 2x4's to frame it

Clamped and nailed into place

I'm adding a bucket in the middle for ice and drinks, I flipped the bucket and traced it

Then cut it out with a jig saw

I cut the legs for the table

Clamped them and screwed into place

Did a couple test layouts with the pallet wood

Ended up cutting all of the ends at a 45 degree

Still testing out the layout to see what worked best

Ended up cutting boards to the same width as the bucket, then adding to the sides

I used a leather strap screwed in to support the weight of the bucket when it's filled

I cut more pallet wood to finishing off framing the table

Added a bottle opener and it's all done

Really happy with the way it turned out

Watch the video: Pallet Coffee Table With Storage - DIY Woodwork

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