How to make avocado sushi

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Use a rice cooker to cook 1 cup sushi rice ( short grain rice ).


Sushi roller

Avocado sliced

Black and white sesame seeds

Cooked sushi rice with the mirin and rice vinegar mixed in

Sushi nori sheets folded in half and split

Bowl of water to dip your hands into between sushi rolls

Place nori sheet on roller, shiny side DOWN

Take less than a handful of rice and spread it across the nori sheet

Add sesame seeds by sprinkling them across rice

Flip nori sheet over

Add avocado

The avocado should be about 3/4 to the top

Roll sushi using roller ( follow directions of roller)

Perfect sushi avocado roll

Use a knife to cut the roll

Start in the middle of the roll

Cut roll in half

Take two halves and stack them as in picture

Cut into six pieces as shown

Six pieces of avocado sushi

Serve with soy sauce, use chop sticks to eat them. Enjoy.

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