How to make clean orange beef & broccoli stir fry

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The ingredients listed are for a single recipe, serving 6. I have four kids, two of whom are teenage boys - so the photos you'll see reflect a double recipe. Don't fret if yours look smaller!

Gather your ingredients! Broccoli, chopped; red pepper, julienned; onion, diced; orange, juiced & zested; garlic, minced; steak, pounded to 1/4 inch & thin sliced; flour, honey, & soy measured out.

"Clean" cooking uses ingredients that are preservative & chemical free. This recipe is also delicious using standard, non-organic ingredients; don't be afraid to use what you have on hand!

Cook soba noodles according to package directions, drain, & set aside. Package directions typically involve water, heat, and noodles. Kind of looks like spaghetti ... but it's NOT!

While your noodles are bubbling away, thinly spray frying pan with olive oil over med/high heat and cook steak until done, about 5 minutes.

For rarer steak ... less minutes. Hopefully you know that already. Remove cooked steak from pan with slotted spoon or a fork and set aside - leave juicy meat liquids IN the pan for the next step.

Add broccoli, peppers, and onion to the meat juice. Well that sounds gross ... meat juice. No matter, just do it. Cook for 5-7 minutes, depending on your preferred broccoli tenderness.

See them swimming in the meat lake down there? Also, this is a regular old pot, not a frying pan, due the the quantity I have to cook. I'd probably use a pot anyway, for easier stirring.

While the veggies are cooking, whisk together orange juice, zest, honey, garlic, and soy sauce & set aside. I nuked the honey for 10 seconds to liquefy.

Tamari soy is a gluten-free soy sauce generally considered healthier than regular soy sauce. Raw, unprocessed honey tends to be solid, like mine. Processed honey won't require heating to liquify.

Smells wonderful ... don't drink it. Or if you do, at least make a video and put it on YouTube for the rest of us to enjoy. Put aside until veggies are done.

There! Now that your veggies are steamed to preferred tenderness, add the steak & the soy/OJ/etc mixture back to the pan. Stir until all ingredients are heated through.

Sprinkle flour over mixture, stirring constantly. In about 30 seconds to a minute, the sauce should thicken. Sauce, yes - remember the meat juice? THIS is why you listened to me and saved it.

Add soba noodles & stir GENTLY until noodles are hot & all ingredients are combined. Serve hot with chopsticks. It's so good, so healthy, so delightful. Enjoy!

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