How to take good pictures

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First, you need some sort of camera that's better than an IPod or IPhone. You can use them if you want, but to get the best quality I use a camera :)

After you've got some sort of camera, you'll want to get inspired. Maybe go outside and find something to take a picture of.

It's great to bring friends along too, everyone has their own perspective on things. (Including dogs :)

It's nice to have a foreground, and a background in a picture to make it look professional.

To do this, just get close to an object, let your camera only focus on the foreground and the background will go a bit blurry. This is a great effect to use. :)

Last but certainly not least...

Experiment! It's your pictures, make them original! Use new effects, different foregrounds/backgrounds, use different objects, etc. Be creative! Have fun with them! :)

Thanks for reading this guide, hopefully this was somewhat useful to some of you. Thank you and make sure to follow and like! :) xx

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