How to make chocolate chia pudding

I have a family of 5 so I went big and measured out 6 Tbsp of chia seeds.

Add 3-4 Tbsp of Cacao powder.

Add 2-3 Tbsp of Cacao Nibs.

Add 3 cups of homemade Almond Milk. *check out my tutorial on Homemade Almond Milk here: Our Site/guides/make-almond-milk-8

Whisk mixture vigorously until Almond milk absorbs the powder.

Add 1 tsp. of Vanilla extract

Add 1 tsp of liquid stevia or sweetener of choice.

Visit your pudding every 5 minutes and whisk to make sure there is no clumping of the chia seeds. Repeat for about 20 minutes. Let set in fridge overnight and enjoy anytime of day, warm or cold.

Add whatever toppings you like to customize it for your enjoyment, fruit, goji berries, coconut shavings, the list goes on & on! Have fun with this one.

Watch the video: Chocolate chia seed pudding. easy pudding. Healthy Quarantine Recipe

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