How to cook dorito casserole

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Everything you need

Preheat your oven 450

Get a casserole pan and lay out the Doritos in it. I cover up the bottom of the pan then kinda of break them

Put a layer of cheese on the Doritos so they stick together after the cheese melts. I like LOTS of cheese on mine! But if you aren't a cheese person then you don't have to put a lot

Brown your ground beef. Drain it. Then cook beef and taco seasoning as directed on back of the seasoning pack I like Ol paso hot and spicy but you can use whatever you want

After it's cooked spread evenly over Doritos

Add more cheese! or not!

Cut up your tomato

Break off some lettuce

And put in the oven for 5 or 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and everything is warm! Enjoy!

Watch the video: Updated Dorito Casserole!

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