How to turn ticket stubs into a bookmark

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My ticket from Hans Christian Andersens house and museum in Odense, Denmark.

Tickets that are the same size work best, but you can trim down others to fit. Arrange tickets in the order you like, then turn over and tape the back.

Ticket backs, taped (also already laminated here). Take prepared tickets to an office supply store, print shop, or FedEx and put through the laminating machine.

Warning-my disneyland bookmark didn't turn out quite right. Many tickets turn black on one side when exposed to heat. Our World of Color ticket was in the middle!

Disney tickets turned black on the back, while the Fastpass ticket turned black on the front. :( Be careful if you're laminating multiple cards/tickets in one sheave because they slide! See top right

After putting tickets through the laminating machine, cut out and your bookmark is ready! This one commemorates a trip to Denmark- the Christiansborg Castle, Kronborg Castle and the royal stables.

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