How to make an easy envelope pillow

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Now is a great time to pick up clearanced holiday fabric and create some inexpensive pillows for next year. You can use a prepared form or just make a case for your regular throw pillow.

You should be able to do this project in under an hour.

Supplies. You'll need one shape 2" bigger than your pillow. And two the same width, but half as long plus a few inches. My pillow is 18x18 so the fabric is 20x20 and 20x14 in my case.

Prepare and pin a 1" hem on one long side of your smaller pieces of fabric.

Sew the hem. Or use hem tape. I don't judge :) Repeat with the other smaller piece

Lay out your big piece of fabric.

Lay one of your hemmed pieces on top, right side to right side and hemmed side towards the center.

Lay the other hemmed piece on top, hemmed side to the center.

Pin, sew the seams with a 1/2" allowance and finish the edge. I just used a zigzag to finish because I'm lazy. Clip your corners.

Flip that bad boy inside out and stuff the pillow inside.

Here's the back.

Watch the video: Envelope Pillow with Piping Tutorial

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