How to paint with tea🌿

Boil water

Choose a kind of tea you would like to use. I suggest English breakfast tea because I find it makes a darker colored tea.

Take two tea bags and put it In the cup

Pour In hot water, Just enough to cover the tea bags. Wait five minutes

The color has darkened

Push the tea bag to the side of the cup with a spoon to get all the darkest colored tea out

Pour one table spoon into the palette

Next, pour more hot water into the cup( half cup full).

Pour one table spoon into the palette. Now you have more shades to paint with

Now pour water until the cup is full. This is the lightest shade.

Here are all 3 shades

Use it to paint! I'm not the best artist but I did a little demo:) here are some pictures...

This is taken while it is still wet. It dries really fast

I love the vintage feeling to these paintings:)

Thanks for watching:)

Watch the video: Artist Ruby Silvious. AHA! A House for Arts Clip

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