How to make a book


Cut paper, in half, lengthwise.

Now cut paper horizontally.

Cut out 2 pieces of cardboard that are slightly larger than your papers. Then, cut a piece of decorative paper slightly (1/8") longer than your 2 card boards.

Glue paper to cardboard, leaving a gap between pieces.

Punch holes in cardboard. Line up paper with cardboard and make pencil marks, through holes, onto papers. A few sheets at a time, punch holes in paper.

Place punched papers in covers and line up holes.

Push a loop of ribbon through each hole, from the back.

Pull ribbon tightly and knot securely, in back. Trim ribbon.

Optional: So your book will open easily, using a ruler and sharp pencil, draw a firm line under the stick.


Watch the video: How a Book is Made

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