How to remove a vanity counter

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Existing vanity counter top to be removed. See my other guide for removing the faucet before removing the counter.

With a putty knife, score the sealant along the side and backsplash.

Score the sealant under the counter and push putty knife between counter and cabinet all the way along to separate.

Score sealant between counter and side splash and pry off wall.

Score sealant between side and tile.

Pry off wall.

Using channel lock pliers, loosen nut on drain pipe.

Unscrew black PVC collar and pull drain pipe out of PVC pipe and remove from sink. Don't worry if it won't come out since the counter will be removed. Just makes it easier.

With the drain pipe disconnected, the counter can now be removed. Lift up on the counter to break any remaining sealant holding it to the cabinet.

Cabinet with counter removed. Clean up any remaining silicone before installing new counter.

New counter temporarily rested in place to make sure drain pipe will line up.

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