How to make a bulletin board yard of corks

Gather supplies.

Place a cork at the beginning of the yard stick. Drill a hole next to this cork. This is the screw hole to hang your board. At the other end, drill a hole with the same cork placement.

Lay out your corks with variety and featuring labels. The second cork is not glued until the end. Be sure to leave a space for this.

Continue placing corks across the yard stick. Leave a space at the end, second to the last, as shown in the previous step.

Evaluate your layout.

Straighten if necessary. Another yard stick works well for this.

Begin gluing, one by one.

Insert the screw and hang on the wall.

Once placed on the wall, glue the two remaining corks to cover the screws. Done!

If you have a lot of corks, consider a larger project for your kitchen cabinet.

Watch the video: DIY How to Make a Colonial Cork Bulletin Board by Yourself

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