How to make nutella cheesecake

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Put biscuits into a bowl... Or blender if you prefer, don't use too many but use enought to thinly cover the base of the tin when in crumbs. I hope that makes sense?

If you used a bowl, like I did, then crush the biscuits using a rolling pin or something similar and heavy. If using a blender then just... Blend (helpful, I know)

When you are coming towards the end, there will be lumps so I can recommend that you shake the bowl, it means that the big lumps will come to the top so you can see them

Crumbs as they should be (similar to)

Turn on the kettle with a small amount of water in

Put about 30g of the butter in a mug

And stir a bit

Pour the tiniest bit of boiling water into the mug with the butter in (alternatively use a microwave, I just don't have one at the minute!)

Stir and it will become liquid-ey

Add to the biscuit crumbs

Stir well, and they should look a bit like this

Pour into tin

And using a spoon to press down and combine, if they aren't sicking together, add a tiny bit of milk to it (you can do this while it's in the pan if it's a bit late)

Pressed down...

Put the tin in the fridge

Put cream cheese in a bowl and stir a bit

Add the remaining butter

Add icing sugar

Stir it all together

Add the cream to a seperate bowl

Use a hand, or electronic whisk to whip the cream

Don't worry if it is over-whipped

Stir the whipped cream into the creamcheese mix

Stirred in

Get about 2-3 tablespoons of nutella (safety test first)

Put it into the mixture

Stir in, but not completely if you want a slightly marbled effect

The marbled effect is slightly lost... But pour it into the tin and spread to be flat(ish)

Put into the fridge for around 2 hours or until set enough


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