How to get into side crow pose

1. Start in Mountain pose and complete 3-4 vinyasas to get nice and warmed up. Then forward fold so your hands are touching the ground. You may need to bend your knees in order to touch the ground

2. Crouch down to the ground with fingers spread and arms on the outside of the knees.

3. Move your hands to the left so your left hand is next to your hip and your right hand is in front of your left knee. Palms should be on the floor with fingers spread.

4. Place the left elbow so it is in the groove of the left hip, be sure that the givers on each hand are equally supporting your weight. Place the right elbow just above the right knee

It's all in the details. Be sure that fingers are spread and weight is equally distributed between them. Fingers will be a big help with balance. Make sure shoulder are also down and back :)

5. Lift off!! Slowly shift your weight forward while keeping the right leg stacked on top of the left. Feet are flexed and legs are glued together. If wrists hurt, come back down.

6. Be sure to look 2-3 feet in front of you an slowly try straightening the top leg back behind you. This may take a few tries :) keep those yoga toes going and be sure shoulders are down.

7. Full Side Crow. To get here, slowly straighten the lower leg, making sure that hips stay stacked. Keep arms strong by making sure they are rotated outward and weight is distributed to the fingers!

You did it!! For more health, fitness, and yoga tips, check out!

Watch the video: Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Flow

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