How to make lingonberry patties

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Crush the juniper berries using a pestle.

Mix breadcrumbs with water, wait a couple of minutes and then mix with the minced meat.

Like so.

Add the egg. I had a bit more meat than 400 grams so I added a little bit more than what the supplies says.

Add salt and black pepper

Add the juniper berries.

Add thyme.

Add the sour cream.

And the finely chopped onion.

Mix all the ingredients. Mine turned out rather sticky so I added about 50 ml of potato flour (you can add corn starch as a substitute).

Form patties and put on a plate.

Fry the remaining onion in some butter. Then remove from the pan.

Fry the patties in some butter.

Turn when they have some color.

Move onto a plate to make room for the next batch. It's no problem if thy aren't cooked all the way through, they will be ready when you put them back in the sauce.

When all patties are cooked, pour some water into the skillet. Then pour it through a sieve into a pot or a frying pan. Add cream and the chopped onion.

Like so.

Here I've added the sauce coloring, I took a little bit too much...

Add lingonberry jam and also starch to thicken the sauce (optional).

Add the patties to the sauce.

Just before serving add some fresh thyme. Serve with boiled new potatoes or potato wedges.

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