How to make a multi flavoured frozen banana smoothie

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Peel and freeze 4 bananas, lemons and orange (peeled and separated in wedges)

Gather ingredients. Cut one banana in thin slices (we'll use them as a garnish between layers) and leave in the freezer.

Start blending bananas with roughly 100ml of soy milk. Add water or soy milk to make it smoother if needed but make sure it stays creamy.

Add fresh banana

Keep blending

Set the banana mix on a side. Pour a bit of it in a tall glass or jar and pour dash of coffee on top of it (mix if u like). Put jar in the freezer, now we get to mix the layers! Get your beetroot

Pour a bit of the banana mix back in the blender and blend it with the beetroot. Pour in a cup and leave in the freezer. Wash blender.

Once again pour another bit of banana mix back in the blender and mix it with the apricots and a wedge of lemon if u like.

It should look something like this. Pour in a cup and leave in the freezer.

Repeat with the orange wedges.

It should look something like this. Again pour in a cup and leave to freeze. Wash blender.

Mix the last bit of banana mix with half of the lemon wedges (the other. ones we'll be used as garnish). Pour in a cup and leave this in the freezer as well, wash blender.

Leave everything in the freezer for approx. 45 minutes

Start layering! Pour the banana-beetroot mix

Top with raisins if you like

It should look something like this

If the other mixes are too frozen mash them with a spoon before pouring in the jar. This is the banana apricot mix

Pour it on too of the banana beetroot mix and press it down

Add the banana slices and the banana orange mix, keep pressing down with a spoon

Top up with lemon wedges

Last layer!

Finished! I topped it up with more lemon wedges as well, If lemons too bitter for you use orange instead so there's no need to add sugar

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