How to make a indian smoothie falooda

Instructions 1. Add banana, strawberry,milk and sugar in blender and blend it into little thick liquid.

3. Meanwhile boil water in pot and add vermicelli. Cook then until they are tender and can be broken down into small pieces. Once cooked drain water from vermicelli by pouring chilled water above it

Take tall broad mouth glass and add rose syrup then vermicelli then basil seeds few fruits of your choice then pour strawberry smoothie and then add ice cream on top and decorate it by sprinkling

Crushed nuts of your choice and place a cherry on top. It is now ready to serve with a spoon. This recipe can be changed by your choice of fruits but vermicelli, basil seeds and rose syrup are must.

Basil seeds soak it in half cup of water and let it stand

This is the soaked basil seeds

Boil water with vermicelli and cook them until they are tender and can be broken down into small piece and once cooked drain(stain) water from vermicelli but adding chilled water on it.

Rose syrup is a sweetener

Take tall broad mouth glass add rose syrup first then vermicelli then basil seeds and now add strawberry smoothie above the basil seeds and then add 2 scoop of ice cream on top

Add 2scoop of ice cream of your choice and final decorate with crushed mixture of nuts above the ice cream and a cherry on top of it. Eat with a spoon or drink it

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