How to create a garden basket

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Gardening has so many different chores and each needs a different tool for each task. These three are essential, but the list is endless.

Choose the container to line. Lay out coco fiber and measure & cut to fit dimensions.

Fit the coco fiber to the shaped container, overlapping if needed.

Add the potting soil to 3/4 of the way in the container.

Space the bedding plants in the arrangement for optimal show. When needed add dimension and height with soil to raise the center for a varied contrast, keeping in mind the growing habit of the plants.

The plants should now be back- filled with potting mix and tamped in. Water on regular schedule as pots and decorative containers have a tendency to dry out quicker than their flower bed companions.

Now place the new arrangement in a place where it can be enjoyed!

Keep the arrangement where it can be viewed and enjoyed while being protected from extreme temperature changes.

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